2021 Digital Statistics

With 2021 nearly in the rear-view mirror, let’s have a look at some of the latest statistics released about consumer behaviour and consumption of digital life.

Internet usage:

According to research by Statista, Australia has 22.13 million internet users – which is about 85% of our population. In fact, 45.2% of internet usage is via mobile with the most common activities being email, web browsing, bank, video streaming and shopping. It continues to be vital for businesses to invest in digital marketing to remain relevant and competitive.  Mobile optimisation for your website is key to engaging your traffic and providing a good user experience.

Search Engine Use:

The most common search engine used by Australians continues to be Google – by a long shot at 94% market share. Next in line is Bing with 3.98%. This is an incredible stat and is very telling with where the focus lies particularly when it comes to SEM and SEO. Be sure to check your own Google Analytics to see where your business’ website traffic is coming from. Google is the world’s most visited website, with YouTube (Google owned) coming in second.

Social Media Use:

In Australia, 77% of the population that use social media use it on a daily basis and there is approximately:

  • 57 million Facebook users
  • 56 million Whatsapp users
  • 45 million Instagram users

While there are no numbers on Tiktok usage in Australia, it has been the world’s most downloaded app in 2021, ahead of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp which tells us it is likely rising.

Knowing your target audience and where they spend their time will help you to decide where to invest your time and marketing budget.

Digital food for thought

If you’re still a little on the fence about whether it’s worth investing in digital marketing for your business, it’s well past the time to jump off. To get started with your business online, or to take your older business into the digital age, contact the experienced team at Adllins Media on 07 4031 1889 or send us a message.



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