2023 Marketing Trends To Explore

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With COVID almost behind us and talks of a recession looming on the horizon, the year-on-year challenges we face requires marketers to stay on top of the game, grow and adapt to the lemons life throws at us. 

With so many different trends up and coming, it is hard to predict which will catch the best wave, but here are the Top 3 Marketing Trends we will be watching in 2023.

Social Media Influencers Are Trending

Influencers have recently come under the spotlight of the consumer watchdog (ACCC) for not disclosing affiliations with the products and companies they were promoting. Yet still, influencer marketing remains on the rise, with 33% of Gen Z’s surveyed making purchases after seeing an influencer’s recommendation. They even rate their recommendations higher than those offered by family or friends. Millennials follow closely behind, with 26% taking heed of an influencer’s recommendation.

The real marketing potential is investing in a long-term partnership with fewer influencers rather than multiple influencers for one-off deals!

Short-Form Video Content Marketing

It is hard to access social media platforms without being exposed to short-form videos. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok have all expanded their platforms to be able to deliver this kind of content to users. With today’s tech and the multitude of ways you can share content with your friends, it comes as no surprise that videos are shared at twice the rate than any other form of content. Combined with the fact 73% of users prefer to watch a short video when needing to learn about a product or service.

Bring Social Media DM’s into 2023

Have an issue with a recent service or product? Taking to social media and direct messaging the Brand/Company is only a recent development in the marketing world, with only 29% of marketers using this method so far. With a lot of room to grow, this trend will skyrocket, with 15% of marketers implementing these this year. Being the third-highest  ROI trend, this is certainly one to jump on in 2023!

Ready to jump on these Marketing Trends in 2023?

Just imagine the ROI you could generate when implementing all three of these tactics into your digital strategy this year. If you haven’t made a plan yet, it’s time to speak with the team at Adllins!



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