5 Reasons your Social Ads aren’t working

Social media ads are a fantastic and cost-effective way for businesses to get their brand out there, but they can be difficult to get right. As a business owner, the Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ad Centre can be a bit daunting when you first get in there, and you might find yourself wondering ‘why aren’t these working?’. There is a wide range of reasons as to why your social ads might not be working and it can get quite complex, but here are the top 5 most common ones!

1. Wrong Ad Type for your goal

There are a range of different campaign types available in the Ad Centre of Meta Business Suite. Each of them has their own distinct purpose to achieve a variety of different business goals. These types differ in how they are delivered to people and what actions you’re paying for. The ad types are split into 3 objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Take the time to consider what you are trying to do with your social ads, and make sure that you have the right goal for it. Check out all the different types below-

If your goal is to have people purchase from your website, you would choose one of the Conversion types.

2. Your ad text isn’t captivating

Ad text can be done wrong in so many ways! One of the most common errors with ad text is to make it too long. People don’t take the time to read long pieces of text when scrolling on social media, so plan your ad text carefully. Don’t make it so long that people stop reading but long enough that it captures interest enough to interact. Meta recommends making ad text approximately 125 characters long. Keep it shorter, sweet and to the point. Some campaign types let you provide multiple text options that the Meta algorithm tests between; this will allow you to see which option people engage with the most.

3. Your Call to Action is weak

It might seem like a simple one but if your goal for social ads is to encourage people to take action, then make sure your Call to Action (CTA) is strong. The options for an ad’s CTA button differ depending on the campaign type, so if you’ve chosen the right type then you should be able to pick the best CTA for your ad. More action-driven campaign types also allow you to write a Headline that appears next to the CTA button, so take some time to think about the right combination here. Remember, don’t repeat the CTA too much between your caption text, headline and button. It can be pushy if mentioned too often, or not strong enough if not mentioned properly.

4. Your creative isn’t catchy

Social media is all about what looks good – particularly on Instagram. The brain processes images quicker than text, so get people’s attention quickly with the image or video on your ad. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Is there too much text? Too little? Depending on your goal, you need to find the right balance here. Also make sure you aren’t wasting space by repeating information on the tile and in the ad text.
    • Does your video start too slow? It only takes a few seconds before people keep scrolling on a video so make the start count!
    • Is your image good? Too dark, light, or unfocused? There is a fine line with social ads between too amateur and too professional.

Consider testing a couple of different options to see which performs better; this can tell you what your audience prefers to engage with and helps you plan future campaigns better.

5. You aren’t targeting the right people

On the ad set level of your campaign, check how you’ve defined the audience that your ads are being delivered too. It can be too general, too specific, or just not the right match. In this section, you can choose to target based on location, age and gender, plus matches of more detailed demographics, interests or behaviours based on user activity.
Depending on your business, you can also create custom and lookalike audiences using Website Pixels and customer information. The ad system should tell you if you have made your audience too broad or too narrow based on size, however, make sure to check that you have selected audiences appropriate to be targeted by your business. For example, an accounting firm probably wouldn’t be using their ad money wisely by targeting people interested in DIY projects.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, keep trying and testing different things until you find what works.

If you just don’t have the time to keep trying, the experienced team at Adllins Media can help take your social media ads to the next level! Contact us to discuss your business needs on 07 4031 1889 or send us a message.



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January 2022