5 R’s to Maximise the Use of Your Social Media

The content of your social media plays a vital role as to what kind of impression your customers will have of your business. Knowing how to make the most of social media in your broader digital marketing strategy has a lot of benefits for your brand, and luckily there are a lot of ways on how to do so. Here are some tips as to how you can make your social media appeal to more customers.

1. Relate to your audience

A tip that’s perhaps most popular (and in fact non-negotiable) when it comes to having an effective social presence is to understand your audience and to learn to speak their language, and there’s a reason why. The ability to relate with your audience creates positive associations with your brand, since customers will get the idea that your values and attitude align with theirs, and that your brand is capable of meeting their needs.

2. Research your competition

A good brand is a brand that knows how to stand out among many. Doing some research about the strategy of your competitors is beneficial for your business because it will make it easier for you to identify and point out what may be lacking from other brands… especially if it is something which you have the capacity to offer. Emphasizing this unique quality on your social media platforms can differentiate your business from those within the same market and be a real selling point to customers.

3. Remember to make use of hashtags

With the help of its widespread use at the moment, employing important keywords and hashtags is definitely an easy and effective way to generate traffic for your social media. Learn to make the most of this method and attract your target audiences with hashtags that are relevant to them.

4. Repost your content

This method allows more exposure for the important and notable posts on your social media account. Highlight your particularly successful or engaging posts by re-sharing them. This also means less need for new content creation, which can be time consuming. But be careful not to overuse this strategy. Reposting occasionally is fine, but more fresh content is best.

5. Remain consistent with your language

Keeping your language consistent is key. Your followers have engaged with you in the first place because they resonate with your tone, message and content, so it is important to maintain this. A sudden change in language or content may cause followers to disassociate with your brand or think it is no longer relevant to them, so pick your tone and stick to it!

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March 2019