5 Steps to branding your New Business

Got your business idea but don’t know where to start from there? Ensuring your branding strategy is consistent throughout your business is critical in the initial stages of setting yourself up for long-term success. Consistency across your business branding and presence helps your brand recognition and makes your business more memorable and trustworthy to potential customers. We’ve put together our top 5 Steps to setting-up and getting you ready for business.

1: Design a logo

Your logo represents who your business is which is why it is so important to get right. It is the first thing a customer notices; to get this first impression right, your logo should be distinct and memorable so it can be the key point of recognition for your brand. A well-designed logo is one of the easiest non-verbal ways to show potential customers that your business is trustworthy and professional.

2: Choose your style

Having a style guide will help you to make sure that all things you do with your business maintain a consistent look. It might seem insignificant but using the same colours and fonts across everything you do in your business (including logo, business cards, signs and more) can have a huge impact. It’s little things like this that can really make a big difference to how your business is perceived.

3: Get yourself business cards

Business cards are the easiest way to share your contact details in a tangible manner. It might seem old school, but the benefits of having business cards today can’t be disputed -especially if your business provides a service. While smart phones have made finding a business or sharing contact details easier, these can often get added to contacts and forgotten without consciously remembering to look for it. Having a business card serves as a physical reminder of your business and brand and can improve recognition and retention each time the card is seen.

4: Set up a Facebook Page

Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly users worldwide- that’s a HUGE number of people! Many people also use Facebook almost as a search engine too, so it is important to create a Facebook page for your business to have a presence here. There is some key information to ensure is on your page, including who your business is, what you do and offer, your location, contact details, services or menu, photos or videos, and much more depending on what type of business you have. Facebook is also one of the most budget-friendly marketing platforms; allowing you to reach potential and existing customers, through either organic (unpaid) posts or paid targeted content.

5: Matching email signature

If you send emails from your business, something you might have forgotten about is your email signature. Whilst easy to overlook, your signature signs off your email communication and allows you to brand every email you send. If you have more than one employee, make sure to have a consistent email signature template used for all employees so that it shows recipients who you are as a business and team. The signature should be created based on your business’ Style Guide.

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January 2021