5 Tips to grow your YouTube channel

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YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, gaining a whopping 14.3 billion visits per month. If you haven’t tapped into this marketing stream, start thinking about your YouTube Channel 2023 strategy today.

Blogging is one way to help improve your relevance to a topic and can improve your search engine position, but blogging doesn’t have to be in the written form. With online streaming at our fingertips, you can get your blog in the digital realm and improve your Google Search position at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Here are 5 tips for growing your YouTube channel:

1.    Catch their eye and hold it.

Humans are 90% visual beings. We process images 60,000 times faster than text, and with the scrolling habits of today’s market, you want to grab your viewers’ attention quickly! Thumbnails give your viewers a sneak preview of the content in one image. So how do you make your image speak a thousand words without giving it all away? 

Make sure your thumbnail remains relevant to the content of your video. Don’t use eye-catching images that have nothing to do with your content.

Consider adding a shortened title, contrasting colours to catch the eye, your brand logo, or even making use of whitespace and negative space in your thumbnail.

2.    Know what your YouTube viewers are looking for.

It’s all about the headlines. Your video may be better than the latest Marvel movie, but no one will know unless they click onto it. So do a little research, find what people are looking for, and create a catchy title to pique their interest.

Don’t forget – YouTube is one of the most visited websites – second only to Google. So while you are optimising the keywords for your site, it’s important to optimise the keywords for your video titles too!

3.    Keep it short!

Try and limit the duration of your video to under 5 Minutes. If you are just repeating yourself, or not providing enough interesting content, your viewer will abandon the video.

Keep it engaging, keep it informative and keep it short!

4.    Make your brand visually appealing

Create yourself a unique brand, something that viewers will instantly recognise and trust.

You would have already begun this process when developing the brand for your business, and you can apply these to your YouTube channel. You can use your business logos and include some details about your business in the channel description. This will help create trust and awareness for your brand.

Don’t forget to name your channel appropriately. You won’t garner any trust from your viewers if you are uploading videos to @channel2478

5.    Be engaging

It’s all about engagement. If you want viewers to continue to engage with your videos, you will need to engage with them. Include call-to-actions in your videos. Don’t be afraid to ask them to subscribe to your channel or share the video with your friends, visit your website, and quote a code at checkout. The options are endless.

Just make sure, if you are asking viewers to subscribe, that you are frequently and consistently uploading content. If you are directing viewers to your website, make sure the user experience is a positive one, including ensuring codes are in good working order.

Need help organising your YouTube channel?

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December 2022