6 Tips on Planning Social Media for your Business

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We all know how important social media is for businesses, but it can be a big chore for business owners who are time poor or feel out of their depth in this space. There are some simple ways that you can streamline your social media planning to maximise your time and simplify your processes to give you more time to spend on other aspects of your business.

1. Create a calendar

Creating a content calendar will help you to plan your social posts quickly and easily. We recommend planning month by month as this way you don’t have to do it too often but also aren’t planning too far ahead, in case of any changes. Start with 3 – 4 topics or pillars for your business to post about; these will allow you to plan exactly what you will post and when. Think about what type of content people interact with the most, and what your goals are. For example, your key pillars could be Personal Posts, Behind the Scenes, Product/Service, Information, or many more. Use these pillars to vary your content schedule and provide the basis of each post. Start with a calendar and write down a pillar on each day you want to post- remembering to mix them up- and this will make it easier for you to plan your content.

2. Dedicate time

Everyone is time poor, and if you’re wearing both the business owner/manager and social media hats, then you must use your time strategically. Don’t leave it to the day you want to post to figure out what it will be. Dedicate a set period of time per week or per month to create and schedule your posts in bulk. This will make it less daunting and less of a chore; leaving you to work on other aspects of your business.

Also be sure to allocate a short period of time daily or twice a week to jump on and interact with your community, reply to any comments or reviews, making sure you haven’t missed a message. This will increase your engagement, and your audience will know that you are active as a business.

3. Remember to take photos & videos of everything

This one can be easy to forget, and if you work with an agency, you might get this request regularly, but take lots of photos and videos of your business! Whether it’s your products, your services, installations, sales, your team or absolutely anything, take 2 seconds to take a quick photo or video. Whether you end up using every single one you take or not, this will build you a good bank of images and videos to use as social posts. Most audiences love the authenticity of a real post, so if it fits your brand voice, try it out.

4. Don’t overthink it

Take a breath and stop overthinking every single post. This will make the content creation and scheduling process much quicker for you. Many business owners can get so caught up in being unsure what to post that they just don’t post at all! This leads into our next point.

5. Be consistent

Not posting is one of the worst things that you can do for your socials. It impacts people’s perception of your business if they see a page that hasn’t posted for 2 months and de-ranks your page within the algorithm, which affects how many people your posts will reach in future. Make sure that you keep posting on each social platform you have chosen to use: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Keep posting, keep replying, but most importantly, just keep active.

6. Make it a priority

Change your perspective from viewing social media as a chore or a box to tick and realise that it is a real asset for your business with a lot of potential. It can be hard to directly quantify what social media brings into your business in terms of the bottom line, but when you realise how much it can contribute to your Customer Experience, it can take your results to the next level. People can tell when businesses really care about what they put out into their online community; this helps create loyalty and connection with audience.

Is social media still too much of a chore for your business?

Reach out to the Adllins Media team- social media is what our digital team lives and breathes! To discuss how we can take social media off your to-do list, contact us on 07 4031 1889 or send us a message.



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January 2022