Advertising 101: How do you build your brand

In a world where businesses attempt to create something new and remarkable for their customers every single day, it’s not easy trying to make a name for yourself and get ahead of the game. It takes more than skills and hard work because let’s face it, there’s tough competition out there. Having efficient products and services are vital for success, but there’s another variable in the formula: making people know, believe and remember that you have these efficient products and services. If you want to build your brand, these tips can help you along the way.

1. Ask yourself: what is your brand all about?

You are about to put your product or service out in the world, but what purpose do they serve and who exactly are they for? It’s worth noting that what you can offer might not be for everybody, and that is perfectly fine. Describe your brand, define it, gather its strengths and weaknesses, before anybody else does. Learn to correctly identify and analyse how your business can cater to the concerns and needs of your customers. Brand strategy consulting can make the process a whole lot easier to make sure that you are on your way to having a reputable brand.

2. Have a memorable logo

It might seem insignificant in the larger scale, but a logo will serve your business greatly since a logo is equivalent to your name in the industry. A logo may be what your customers will associate with your products and services. Picture and work to create a logo that you believe encompasses the qualities of the brand you’re building.

3. Choose a platform

How are your customers going to know of your amazing brand if you don’t put it out there? In this technological age business promotion is easier than ever. You can post your brand on countless business sites, promote it through the use of social media marketing, SEO and other online marketing means, and people from across the globe can click on your business and find out more about it in mere seconds.

4. Make your brand presentable

Your brand is shaped by more than the nooks and crannies of your logo. It’s by how you and your staff interact with your customers, how you present your brand, and how you execute your services and deliver your products. In what style would you like to show your business? Is your brand classy and simple, or bold and eccentric? Does it show in the designs of your site, in the physical presentation of the products? Framing your goods and services and making them unique will make your brand memorable to your customers.

5. Keep building your brand

Lastly, learn to be consistent when it comes to building your brand. As stated before, it’s not easy and you may have many competitors in the industry that strive to be better every day as well. The key is to make something of your own, something different that people can remember you by, and to keep going. It shows persistence, effort, and the fact that you are standing behind your brand and believing in its ability to successfully deliver what your customers want.

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January 2018