Build Brand Authority through Content Marketing

A reliable brand authority can make or break your business, as it dictates whether or not someone decides to buy what you’re offering. Brand strategy consulting can help you get started by identifying areas for opportunity, such as strengthening your content marketing.

Content marketing is not just about generating content, it’s about generating content that sells. This doesn’t happen overnight but rather, requires ongoing efforts to yield good outcomes. Once you get going however, you can enjoy amplified results and gain more traction and customers.

Do your research 

Whether your brand is only months old or has been around for years, it’s always a good idea to be well informed. Check how your brand is perceived by consumers to gauge what level of brand authority you have. Some of the data points to look into include the frequency of branded searches, which keywords are typically paired with your brand and how your brand is discovered by leads (whether through online or offline means). 

Determine what your audience is looking for

If you provide the content your audience needs or wants, it becomes easier to get their trust. Analyse which questions they are likely to type on the search bar, and see how you can mold your content to answer those questions. For instance, if your brand is involved in DIY projects and home renovations, the audience may be typing “how much do home renovations cost”, “how to build DIY shelves” and other related queries.  

Generate trustworthy content

Once you’ve decided on what kind of content your audience is looking for, you can work on generating that content. Just make sure that the content you are generating is reliable and relevant.  Data-backed content is more trustworthy than content that is opinion-based, so banking on that is a good place to start. 

In need of brand strategy consulting services?

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March 2021