Cairns Regional Council // Our Cairns Survey

The Direction
In 2020 Cairns Regional Council undertook the largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind, connecting to Cairns residents of all ages in order to communicate what’s important to them. Covering sections such as tourism, hospitality and events, the environment, infrastructure, industry and the economy – the aim of the survey was to establish the needs of ratepayers and residents while highlighting areas that impacted the community.

Target market
All Cairns residents and, for the first time, young people aged 12-16 via the ‘Our Cairns Youth Survey’.

The Challenge
To create a comprehensive Online survey for both target markets that was cohesive, engaging, visually appealing and therefore maintained interest to increase respondent data. Both surveys would need to be both desktop and mobile optimised, with fast loading times for respondents.

The Solution
The ‘Cairns Survey’ and ‘Our Cairns Youth Survey’ creation involved structuring question and answer combinations that were logical, quick to answer and had enough variety of fields and structure to maintain interest throughout. Both surveys incorporated title pages for sections, visual prompts and clever use of local imagery, iconography, and video elements for interest. The ‘Our Cairns Youth Survey’ utilised animated gifs and video elements appropriate for the age group.

The ‘Our Cairns’ survey attracted a record-breaking 6,786 respondents, and in addition 1,280 young people for the first time had their say on issues critical to them through the ‘Our Cairns Youth Survey’. The survey results were used as a barometer on topical issues for the following calendar year.

Project Details


Cairns Regional Council




  • Graphic Design
  • Typeform survey
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Imagery development