Capture your audience with video 

Video has been one of the most important aspects of marketing for the past few years, and likely for the foreseeable future. Videos give you the opportunity to share your business through the most visually engaging medium available. Many business owners are apprehensive of getting professional videography as they believe it is expensive and time consuming. In our experience as a marketing agency, the results we have seen for multiple businesses speak for themselves; increased ROI, engagement, brand awareness & retention. Moving footage captures viewer attention for longer and is able to get more information across than a still image. We’ve put together our top tips for capturing your business’ audience with videography.

Connect with audience

Video is an effective medium to connect with your audience as it gives a more personal and relatable insight into your business. People like to watch things, and video captures viewer attention for longer than still images as it more realistic & visually appealing. If you are investing in a brand video, brainstorm what you want included and how you want to tell the story of who you are and what you do, then use this to plan and storyboard the video. Doing this will save you time (and money) when it comes to actually filming video or recording audio, as well as ensure that the end result reflects your business and vision.

Appeal to mobile users

With so much marketing now occurring in the digital space, it is important to keep track of trends and what performs best on the platforms your business uses. Digital marketing has been mobile-first for years now as use of social media and search platforms is highest on mobile. Being moving footage with audio, videos better capture attention while users scroll than still images. Facebook and Instagram both receive higher engagement on posts that are a video format however, it is important to use this strategically to capture and keep viewer attention with the ideal video length for a platform and type of post. YouTube is also the world’s largest search engine, second only to Google, so this platform can be very effective for many businesses.

Get the most out of your video footage

Planning the footage and audio required for a video shoot is important to ensure that time is used effectively to capture what you require. It is also helpful to think further about what else you could use footage for. For example, if your main goal is planning a 3 minute brand video also think about how else you can use this footage in shorter form videos on social media such as a short ‘our people’ video, clips of your products or services, and much more. This will give you more options of engaging content to use on your social media platforms and allow you to maximise use of the footage.

Video for your business and brand

Not all of your video footage needs to be professional either if it does not reflect your brand; audiences engage with content best when it is real and authentic. Whether you have all videos for your business filmed and edited professionally, or film social media videos on your phone, it is important to ensure your videos reflect who your brand is and is the right style for your audience.

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Photography & Video


April 2021