Consumer trends to factor into your digital marketing strategy

Consumer trends have a direct effect on how your marketing efforts pay off. Through brand strategy consulting, you can effectively keep up with the trends and adapt your strategies as may be required. It is important to keep in mind the changes to the market during this pandemic and what it means for your digital marketing strategy. 

Here are some of the consumer trends that you should consider while working on your digital marketing strategy.

Growing support for local businesses

What’s extremely lucky during this tumultuous year is the increased support of communities, businesses and consumers who have managed to band together tightly. Consumers have been seen to purchase more from local businesses this year, and this has assisted with protecting local jobs, thus assisting to minimise the pandemic’s negative impact on employment.

This support for small businesses is flourishing. A great way to tap into this in your own marketing strategy is to include a word-of-mouth approach. Many consumers learn about small businesses through recommendations from their friends and families.

Increased digital presence

The pandemic caused a marked increase in e-commerce and online shopping trends. Research also shows that this particular impact on digital channels will remain even after the crisis. The transition from physical to digital is something that many small businesses can take advantage of now; consumers discover more brands because of their increased online activity. Accelerating digital channel adoptions to deliver the right message at the right time is an important factor to consider when reworking your brand’s marketing strategy.

Promotion of health and well-being

Consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are upfront about the measures they’re taking with regards to the pandemic. They want to make sure that the brands comply with health regulations and are not endangering their employees in any way. If you’re operating a physical store, putting up posters or notices is a good way to keep your customers informed about the guidelines you abide by. 


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June 2021