Creating an Effective PPC Strategy

When devising effective strategies for digital marketing in Cairns, you may be looking into pay per click (PPC). PPC allows highly targeted users to visit your website using competitive keywords. The more competitive the keyword, the pricier it gets, but with the right PPC campaign strategy, you can get quick results and visitors which will drive your conversions and sales.

For an effective PPC strategy, here’s what you can do to get started. 

Identify your goals within budget

PPC relies on careful planning and effort. While it’s as easy to set up a campaign with just a few clicks, just be mindful that no matter how much money you spend, if you you don’t plan it through, you’re not going to get desirable results. To create a PPC campaign that converts—and doesn’t waste a single dollar—you first need to have clear-cut goals.

Undeniably, your PPC campaign goals should align with your overall marketing goals. If you’re aiming to increase traffic to your site, then that should be reflected in the PPC goal too. 

Also, your PPC efforts should complement your SEO approach. For instance, if your SEO campaign already drives a fair amount of organic traffic using a specific keyword, then you can remove that keyword from your PPC keyword list. Otherwise, your ad spend would just be wasted since the keyword is ranking organically anyway.

Determine your KPIs and use those to guide your PPC campaign for maximum conversions. It helps to establish a profitability goal so that there is a measurable outcome for your campaign. It makes tracking its effectiveness much easier too. 

Do competitor paid ad research

Before launching your paid ad campaign, it helps to do research on your competitors. You need to know which competitors are using which keywords so you know what you’re up against and how much work you’d need to do to even the playing field.

Decide on your keywords

Keywords can make or break your PPC campaign, so you have to target the right ones to generate the maximum ROI possible. After your keyword research, refine your keyword list so that each one works well with your brand. The ideal keywords have high search volumes, low competition and low cost. Of course, some of your most high-value keywords could cost more; if they can get you more conversions, then it’s worth it. Be careful, but don’t be afraid to spend either. 

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December 2020