Storytelling is the best marketing

At Adllins, we have always said ‘Content is King’ when it comes to Social Media Marketing, but in 2020, digital platforms became saturated with content, and purchase criteria changed as consumers became more selective about where they spend their money. It is critical that your content strategy cuts through all the noise to reach consumers in a meaningful way. When making purchase decisions, consumers are seeking a personal connection with brands; publishing content that tells a story helps to establish that connection while increasing awareness, trust and loyalty.

Rethink your Social Media Strategy

Your brand is more than just your products and services. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Ask yourself ‘Why should your customers care about you?’. Use this answer and your unique brand story as the basis for your strategy. Tell your story with your content.

Plan your Content

Using your new strategy, take time to plan your social media content. Putting more thought behind your content can make a real impact on results and engagement. The goal for storytelling content is to evoke emotion within consumers, making them invested in your brand. By posting engaging content that your followers interact with, the further your content will be distributed by Social Media Platform algorithms.

Create content that cuts through the noise.

Recent data shows that the typical Facebook user like an average of 17 posts and 10 comments on Facebook per month. A strategic content plan can help your business’ posts be one of these.

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Social Media


February 2021