Getting Started on Visual Branding

Building the brand is an important part of the marketing strategy for your business. It involves crafting an identity that the audience—your target market—can recognise and trust. This trust and the reliability they associate with your brand are instrumental in getting them to buy your product or service.

Visual branding, in particular, resides at the core of giving your brand a unique and remarkable identity. It is a significant factor in creating a cohesive and memorable experience for your target market and consumers. Indeed, your visual branding is quite likely the first thing they see before anything else, and so it is your best tool when it comes to leaving a big enough impression.

If you’re thinking of potential strategies for digital marketing in Cairns, you should first make sure you have a solid grip on your visual branding. Here are some tips to help you out:

Define your audience

It’s hard to get started on anything when you don’t even know for whom you’re doing it. As such, it’s also hard to appeal to an audience when you don’t even know who the audience is. So before anything else, you should understand your audience, what they want, and how to communicate with them.

To define your audience, look at demographics and psychographics. Research on their lifestyles, their day-to-day concerns and the solutions they seek. You can tailor the research in order to create a targeted version of your buyer personas specific for your brand and what you have to offer.

Assess your brand

Understand your own products or services to be able to market it effectively to your audience. Define your mission, or the “why” behind the brand. If you have a solid grasp of why your brand exists and what it aims to do for your audience, it will be significantly easier to build a rapport with them.

Choose a colour palette and typography

Brand colour is a large part of your brand identity. Picking out the best colours to represent your brand involves knowing which emotions you want to evoke from your audience. The palette should match your key messages as well as be pleasing enough to the eyes to attract the customers’ attention. You can use colour psychology when deciding which ones encapsulate what your brand stands for.

Hand in hand with colours is the typography. Pick two complementary fonts that represent the style and tone your brand wants to have. Fonts can have a huge impact on how your brand communicates, and by picking the right ones, you can appeal to the right kind of customers too.

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November 2020