How to Boost Engagement on Social Media

Audience engagement reflects how well your brand is performing with its target audience. Quantifying the likes, comments and shares is a great way to gauge your present reach in the digital field.

Low social media engagement can spell disaster in today’s business landscape. Get ahead of the game by boosting those KPIs. Follow these 3 golden rules to increase your engagement stats.

Hop on content moments wisely.

One of the easiest ways to add buzz to your brand is by tapping what’s hot and in the news. With social media, this can blur the lines between businesses and consumers.

But that is if you do it right—poorly executed trend jacking can flip the script so quickly.

To practice moment marketing correctly, you need to widen your scope and be on the lookout for broader trends and events across news cycles. That way, your content evokes a more natural personal feel instead of sounding stiff and forced.

Diversify your engagements.

Digital content used to revolve in only 3 formats: video, photo and text. It’s still present but over the course of time, the three types have expanded along with the evolution of technology.

Who knew things would change so fast, right?

These days you can change the way you put forth your brand image out there. There’s geotags, face filters, gifs, stickers, and 360 pics to name a few. These things can help thrust your business into the spotlight.

Engage in real-time.

From emails to private messages, interacting with your audience has come a long way from its formal and tedious counterparts.

According to Hootsuite, engagements are divided into two categories: reactive and proactive engagement.

Reactive engagements are your usual replies from DMs, mentions or comments that you receive. On the other hand, proactive engagement starts with the brand itself reaching out. Change your game plan by conducting live streams, group chats, or even AMAs ( Ask Me Anything).

And that’s it! The most important part of engagements is to take initiative whether or not the ball is in your court. If you’re having trouble crafting the perfect social media plan, hire a creative agency like Adllins.

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March 2020