How to Enhance Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


Today the mobile is that one essential asset we have with us at all times throughout our day. We get most of their work completed through our mobile phones. Whether it is sending emails, online shopping or staying updated with the latest news.

According to this study, an average Aussie checks their phone at least 30 times and spends 2.5 hours on it per day. It is this undeniable to recognise the power that mobile phones have become as a platform and as a communication medium.

With the range of information available at our fingertips, marketers need to be constantly on the lookout for new and inventive ways to stand out from the noise and appear to their target audience.

We’ve compiled 4 trendy mobile marketing strategies that are dominating 2019 to help you make the most of mobile marketing.

1. Hyperlocal Marketing

Digital marketing can be surprisingly specific with the amount of detailed information you can source.

This is where hyperlocal marketing comes into play. This is a type of niche marketing where businesses can focus on a specific number of consumers within a very specific area.

Hyperlocal marketing triggers notifications, changes rankings in local Google My Business listings, and gets ultra-selective on where your online ads will be placed.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

With the numerous trends that come and go, one of the biggest breakthroughs with today’s technology is Augmented Reality (AR).

Not to confuse with VR (Virtual Reality), AR simply adds to your line of vision with projected images. Some good examples would be Pokémon GO and Snapchat’s filters.

Marketers usually incorporate AR into their campaigns by scanning objects or even developing an app. This results in a more interactive experience between the brand and the consumer.

3. Vertical Videos

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to rotate their phone.

Research has shown that people use their phones vertically 94% of the time. This applies especially for social media, where most platforms work best in portrait orientation.

You can adapt your content into this format for a fresh new take, driving engagements and a far better user experience.

4. Voice Search Optimisation

Thought Siri and Google Search is just a fad? Think again.

Nearly a third of smartphone users use voice search at least once a week and companies continue to refine its AI’s with every software update.

Most businesses are still not ready with capitalising on ‘voice command’, but it’s a market filled with lots of opportunities if you optimise your website for voice search.

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August 2018