How to use Video in your Social Media Strategy in 2021

Video has been an important part of all social media strategies over the last few years, however, not all videos are equal when it comes to receiving effective engagement.

Knowing what your audience likes to engage with and when, is absolutely key when creating and posting the content that will attract (and keep!) their attention.

User behaviour on each platform also varies greatly – a video you would watch on Facebook might be something you would scroll past if it was on Instagram.

Every platform has its own algorithm that is constantly changing; the developers work continuously to find the balance between how they would like their social media platform to be, and how people enjoy using it.

It’s important to keep up to date with the performance of your content so you can review your strategy; if it’s not working like it use too, this could be a sign that a platform’s algorithm has changed.

Video for Facebook

Video on Facebook has continued to increase in engagement. While Facebook allows you to upload videos that are up to 240 minutes, recent intelligence indicates that shorter videos (15-30 seconds) receive higher engagement, and you have to grab the viewer’s attention in the first 2 to 3 seconds in order to keep them watching longer. If you haven’t gotten someone’s attention in those first 3 seconds, unfortunately they will keep scrolling.

The more people that consume your content past 3 seconds, the more likely it is that Facebook will distribute your video further in News Feeds of your followers. If you do have a longer video that needs to be placed on Facebook, a better option is to add a preview snippet in the first 2-3 seconds to entice viewers to watch for the entire duration.

Video for Instagram

Video engagement in your Instagram feed has declined with single or carousel images performance increasing. Particularly with the introduction of IGTV, Stories and more recently Reels, Instagram has adjusted their algorithm to prioritise video content through these.

If you are sharing an IGTV or Reel to your feed, it will play only the first 15 seconds automatically before prompting the viewers to tap ‘watch more’ which redirects them to the video itself. This means that first 15 seconds is crucial to getting attention and making someone want to click ‘watch more’.

Keeping track of the performance of your content is so important to be able to improve your strategy. Test different styles to see what works best for your business on each platform and remember you may need a different version of a video to suit each platform you are placing your content on!

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January 2021