Maximise your business’ online presense

It can be easy for businesses to create a Facebook or website simply to tick the box of having it. Enquires and purchases will start flowing in from there, right? Wrong! There is much more to engaging potential customers in their search process in a meaningful way and ensuring these platforms can convert that traffic into business for you.

What does your business offer?

This may seem like a basic question for many business owners, however the answer if often not so obvious to shoppers and your target market. Unless you are the only business that provides your product or service (99.99% chance you’re not!) then you need to sit down and delve into what sets you apart from competitors. There are several other questions you should ask yourself if you’re struggling to convert traffic to business including:

  • What value does your business offer over shopping with a competitor?
  • What are the key pain points for your target market that you can solve? Price, convenience, quality, service, or more.
  • What are your competitors doing differently? Both good and bad activity.

These answers can help shape your business’ online strategy to help convince your target market why they should choose your business over another. Do all your competitors have an online shop or booking system? If the answer is yes, then you should have these too.  Recent research shows that 54% of people expect to be able to purchase on their smartphone from a brand or company if they have a website. In the age of immediacy, if a potential customer can make a purchase at any time with a competitor and only submit an enquiry with your business, this could likely be where you are losing out on business. It is crucial to remain competitive and give people everything they are seeking in one place with convenience.

Take an omni-channel approach

An omni-channel approach unifies your customer experience across all online and offline channels that your business uses. This ensures that there is a cohesive and clear appearance of your business at each touch point along a path to purchase. Customers expect a smooth and integrated experience no matter which channel they interact with a business via, and that these experiences reflect and support each other rather than being treated as separate.

Not sure why your online presence isn’t working?

If you’re getting increased traffic to your business online but aren’t seeing purchases, talk to the experienced team at Adllins Media to discuss how you can improve your online presence and customer experience. Call us on 07 4031 1889 or send us a message.



Digital Marketing


August 2021