Mobile is NOW! Have you optimised your site?

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You’ve been hearing it for a while now – Mobile Marketing is the way of the future, when in reality, it is now!


While designing and maintaining a website is important for eCommerce, one of the key drivers of a successful website is the user experience. With more and more customers organically searching for businesses with a mobile device, ensuring your website is optimised for mobile devices is more critical now than ever.


While the market is split evenly between iPhone and Android users, both display differently, so it’s ideal to create content that is device-specific. And as impatient as the new generation is, page loading speed can be a make or break for your success. Keep that Code small, resize your images correctly, minify your CSS and JavaScript and find ways to reduce your server response times to keep your customers on your page. After all, they are an impatient lot these days!


Back in 2019, Google changed their indexing model to mobile-first, meaning the crawlers that Google uses, looks for sites that were designed for devices first. It makes the most sense because most users access google via their device! While this doesn’t mean you need to abandon maintaining your desktop site, for the best experience for your users, get to work on making your site mobile-friendly!


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November 2022