My Pathway // Rebrand

About the Company
The My Pathway group operates from Tasmania through to Thursday Island with 33 independent business units for the company. The company works in a variety of spaces that generally operate off the back of Government initiatives that they have been successful in obtaining through the tender application process. My Pathway spearheads four main divisions including the Support Disability Employment Services (DES), New Business Assistance NEIS, Job Active and Parents Next programs.

About the Project
The governing body My Pathway in early to mid 2019 was looking for an opportunity to outsource their marketing requirements as the skill sets required to perform marketing in a new age era exceeded the skill sets of the internal staff structure. To move forward, My Pathway needed to look at opportunities to partner with an external marketing agency that have proficiencies in place to collaborate with the internal team in achieving the strategies and goals desired by the board of directors.

The project scope of works was significant in terms of rebranding websites and rebuilding collateral and updates in conjunction with the rebrand. Social media across 10 pages and groups, video compilation, photography, creative design and more. Projects are across a plethora of platforms with the most significant being Google Ads SEM, Display and re-marketing campaigns. Social Media and Television were also included as a secondary strategy.

Project Details


My Pathway




    • Website design and development
    • Video production and editing
    • Rebranding suite across multiple brands
    • Print and digital collateral
    • Social Media Management
    • Google Ads & META campaigns
    • Media Buy & distribution
    • Internal communication initiatives
    • Public Relation and distribution