The New Agency!

With images being the words of today, snapping that critical shot for the company blog, the social pages,  the linkedin update is becoming more and more important. lighting, composition and the all important pout – all count.

Here are a few tips to ensure your images are both engaging and stress free.

  1. Compose in thirds – when using this rule the eyes will wander the frame making the image more pleasing to the eye.
  2. Avoid camera shake – hold your arm close to your body for support.
  3. Create a sense of depth – place an object or person in the foreground to give a sense of scale.
  4.  Use simple backgrounds – don’t distract from the subject, your the star – shine!
  5. Accessorise – throw on a hat, wig or sunnies.
  6. Express yourself – Smile, Frown Pout- or make a silly face (but no duck face!!!)
  7. Extend your neck forward – May feel funny but it eliminates that double chin.
  8. Shoot from above – looking up to the camera further accentuates the jaw.
  9. Stand in the light – Pose in an area with beautiful lighting.
  10. Experiment with angles – tilt your head left then right then view yourself on the screen – for most of us one side is more attractive, so show off your “best side”!

Happy snappy – I look forward to some interesting shots at the next Cairns Chamber of Commerce event.

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January 2018