Social Media Marketing: Do we boost posts or run a campaign?

In the quest for business to find the best way to promote their products and services, a debate has started when it comes to social media marketing. Which is a better return on investment,  boosting posts or running a campaign? In order to settle the matter, We’ll firstly define both methods, then compare and contrast to see their pros and cons.

Boosting a Post

This option is considered the simpler, more accessible of the two options, as it can be done quickly. Boosting posts is an option for any post in your timeline. There are three options for boosting, those who like your page, those who liked and their friends, and those you’ve chosen to target. In the last option, you can specify the location, age, gender and interest of your target.

Running a Campaign

This option requires an ad manager account and gives you more control on who your target audience will be. It allows you to run your ad on the Facebook newsfeed, as well as in the display network, and on Instagram. It includes likes, clicks to website, app installs and engagement, website conversions, event responses, offer claims, video views as well as local awareness. You can also add buttons to promote action from your audience such as ‘shop now’ or ‘download’. In short, it gives you access to a a variety of ways to promote your posts and business.

Boosting posts may be simple, but you have less control over who gets to see your post and the type of ads that you can run. A campaign is more complicated to set up, but but you can target customisation and control. So who’s the winner?

The answer depends on the business. There are a loads of factors involved when it comes to choosing either of these methods. One of the key factors is, what the goal of your advertising?  If you want a simple way to promote engagement with your audience, try boosting posts. If you prefer advanced audience targeting, Facebook ads might be more beneficial for you.

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April 2019