Taking an Omni-Channel Approach to Grow your Business

For your business to grow, you have to keep up with the rising consumer demands and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. It is not enough to improve the mobile experience, website experience and social media experience that you provide; you’ll also have to consider how these factors work together to create an omni-channel strategy.

What is the omni-channel approach?

“Omnis” is a Latin word meaning “all” or “universal”. The omni-channel approach aims to provide a unified customer experience through all available online and offline channels, therefore touching point with every phase of their buying journey.

Whether your customers purchase your product or service through the actual store, on your online one or over the phone, it is important that they experience a smooth, integrated transaction. If they find it bothersome to purchase through their preferred channel, or otherwise face obstacles that make the experience tedious, they are likely to instead choose a competitor who can provide a much smoother experience.

With the help of a reliable advertising agency in Cairns, here’s how you can utilise an omni-channel approach in your business strategy.

Establish consistency across all channels

For a smooth integration, consistency is key. Consider all channels collectively and not just parts of a whole. Each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses; understand these and capitalise on each to attract more customers and build brand loyalty.

A centralised system and strategy is necessary to streamline all processes across all channels. Each channel should support each other. For instance, your social media strategy should be aligned with your SEO strategy, which should be aligned with your email strategy.

Improve your mobile capabilities

There is a lot to be said about mastering mobile-friendly platforms. A huge percentage of customers rely on mobile to search and buy products and services. They also are more likely to seek customer service support through mobile platforms.

As such, it’s crucial that your brand keep up with customer expectations when it comes to mobile experience. Businesses that haven’t optimised their mobile platforms are less likely to attract and retain customers that businesses that have.

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June 2020