The 3 Social Media Trends Conquering 2019

Social media has really cemented its position in society and in our daily lifestyles over the years. From an online neophyte collective to a major player in today’s digital landscape, it’s a platform that simply cannot be ignored. Looking to improve your brand strategy? No worries. Here are our top three picks of social media trends that are currently setting 2019 ablaze.

#1: Building trust with private groups

Due to heavy algorithm changes, more and more brands opt to create private groups on Facebook to connect with their target demographic. Think of it as a little fan club on the Internet. What makes it effective: Creating a private group for your brand is like hitting two birds with one stone: it’s highly beneficial for social listening and it also serves as an additional engagement tool. There’s a certain sense of exclusivity where brands can give its members an “insider look”.

#2: The rise of social media TV

While people continue to question whether traditional television is dying, here comes social media ushering a reinvented form of entertainment inspired by the telly. Facebook rolled out Facebook Watch to the public last August 2017 while Instagram launched IGTV back in June 2018. What makes it different: You might be asking yourself: isn’t Youtube doing this already? Good question, but no. While all platforms are streaming longer videos, social media TV is specially optimised for mobile phones. Social media TV is akin to beefed-up Instagram Stories which are vertical videos sitting atop your feed.

#3: Introducing omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel and multi-channel marketing are two commonly confused words in the industry. While they do share a lot of similarities, omnichannel marketing proves itself to be much more efficient than the latter. What makes it essential: Here’s the truth: nobody shops on a single platform anymore. In the eyes of a visitor, the goal is to have the most hassle-free journey of buying a product. Omnichannel marketing revolves around the idea of seamless customer experience by integrating all your platforms in a way where they actually  work together. It’s very useful in e-commerce, a rapidly growing industry estimated to garner 1.92 billion digital buyers around the globe in 2019 alone. That’s 25% of the world population! Ready to amp up your brand’s digital experience? Let’s talk! Here at Adllins Media, we make connecting your business with the right audience our priority. Call us at 07 4049 2866 or shoot us a message today!



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May 2019