The Art of Social Listening

Have you ever wondered why many start-up businesses today grow so fast? Boggled how some startups easily pave the way as direct competitors of well-known industry giants?

One of the biggest features in digital marketing today is social listening. It’s a huge driving factor in making content and managing SEO even if your scope is only within Cairns! Read more to find out what makes them great.

What is social listening?

This type of marketing method is used to keep track of a brand’s performance on social media.

Social media listening is a two-way process. Aside from gathering real-time feedback from your audience, this information also uses analysis to make long-term strategies that can build a customer-centric approach for your business.

Why is social listening important?

Social listening is a great way to feel the pulse of your target audience and get key insights based on actual responses. You can also keep a closer eye on your competitors, as well as monitor various shifting trends as there are various social listening tools that can streamline that data for you.

What are the benefits of social listening?

Social listening helps you view the bigger picture. It is the best way to measure where your brand is right now. Instead of making assumptions, you are presented with crystal clear interactions that reflect how your company is holding up online.

It’s also a great way to discover new opportunities. Whether it’s a rising trend or an untapped market, social listening tools sift through everyone’s posts and show you unique results with which you can take action.

Best of all, social listening boosts your online presence. According to Sproutsocial, an astounding 83% of respondents favour brands that respond to questions, while 68% likes companies that jump in online threads. Crafting good responses with the aid of social listening will increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

How do you use social listening effectively?

As the readily available tools present all the engagements that you need to know, all that’s left is planning your strategy. The best way to use it effectively is through the following:

  • Aim for realistic metrics
  • Respond to customers quickly
  • Use engagement for SEO

It might be overwhelming at first, but mastering the art of social listening will help you boost your business in more ways than you’d expect. For all things digital marketing, go check out Adllins Media. We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in improving your exisiting or next marketing strategy.

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May 2019