Three Web Design No-Nos

In the world of digital marketing, part of a full-service creative agency ’s workload is Web Design. Web Design includes the entire process of building a website by conceptualising and planning all visual aspects. Providing an exceptional interface and overall user-friendly experience not only engages your website visitors, but also helps search engines identify that your website is useful and relevant to your potential customers.

So if you’re planning to create a website for your business, make sure you watch out for these three Web Design red flags.

1. Poor readability

Normally, we search on the internet to find a specific piece of information. If the website has poorly designed content, it’s enough for a visitor to close the tab and move on to the next website. Blocks of text should have a balance in spacing: mind the white space and the contrast when you’re laying out the text. Focal points such as choosing clear fonts, user-friendly headers or strategically placed graphic elements can help a website’s visual appeal.

2. Difficult navigation

The great thing about building websites is that you can customise every element. However, this advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Brands should avoid choosing vague labels for site navigation no matter how witty they may be. This will only leave visitors more confused and cause them to leave the site. Think of it like a concert: navigation labels are just opening acts but content makes up for the main performance, so keep it short and simple.

3. Flash-supported website

Thanks to modern technology, we now have better ways to design a website. Gone are the days when websites rely on Flash to support multimedia content. However, not everyone has kept up with the times and some still use outdated software. Make your website look sleek and functional by skipping Flash as a go-to plugin.

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December 2018