What is User Experience (UX) and what does it mean for your website?

It’s 2022 and we all know that a website is a necessity for any business today, but there is a lot behind creating a website to separate the good, the bad and the great. Your website is where you can reach both new and existing customers, so it needs to reflect your business as well as serve a consumer’s need to turn them into a customer. Most business owners focus on wanting a website that looks good but here at Adllins, our team know that there is more to a website than just being pretty – there needs to be a great User Experience (UX).

A website that looks good

This aspect is called User Interface (UI) design and is all about the visual design including colours, typography, tools, layout and more. It is an important part of web design as your site must reflect your brand and look sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

A website that works for customers

This is what sets a great website apart from the rest: the User Experience (UX). As the name suggests, this aspect focuses on the experience users have when using the site. It includes taking the time to identify what people are looking for when purchasing your product or service. Are you answering their questions, solving their pain points and providing a smooth and streamlined experience to purchase? UX considers the end user’s goals, knowledge levels and anticipates how they will use your website to build the framework and functionality in a way that guides them to use your site to fulfill both theirs and your business’ goals.

How do UI & UX work together?

Both UX and UI are essential to designing and creating a successful website. Not designing for both will likely hurt the performance of your website. Good UI and poor UX means that your website will look good but is confusing or hard to use. Conversely, good UX and poor UI means that your website will work well, but it’s poor appearance will deter people from using or spending time on it. Overall, good UI will bring people to your website and good UX will keep them there.

Need help with your website?

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January 2022