What Makes A Good Social Media Strategy?

Back in the day, social media was just a simple platform where people could connect and discover things online. Some brands would extend their presence on the Internet by creating pages but it was not, by all means, mandatory. Fast forward to today, merely having a page presence alone can no longer assure any results.

Good social media planning takes a lot of work but can reap the best results for your business if done correctly. Here’s how you can go about strategically planning your social media activities.

Set realistic goals

Indeed, nothing worth having ever comes easy. This also applies to good social media strategies. This is why you should never aim for unrealistic goals. Instead of wishing for a million followers or a sharp rise in sales, enumerate what areas your brand needs to work on and set a reasonable timeframe to achieve it. From there, you can research which social media platform will work best with your strategy and start planning effective content.

A good example of a realistic social media goal is by converting 20 sales within 2 months by posting twice a day on Facebook and Instagram with some clear Call to Action copy and a $600 click-to-site advertisement. It is detailed, highly measurable, and has a well-established end date.

Document regularly

Keeping tabs is always a good idea if you really want to achieve your goals in a set amount of time. It helps organize the workload and streamlines all scheduled activities, giving you a bird’s eye view of how well your campaign is performing. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you track the progress of your chosen strategy with analytics and reporting features such as Sprout Social and Google Analytics.

Tailor content to customers

In the world of digital marketing, content is king. Regularly publish content that will entice your target demographic. You can pursue a content theme which can establish the brand’s image better. Those who are looking to diversify their posts can use videos since approximately 90% of online shoppers believe product videos influence their buying decision.

You can look at how beauty brands utilise user-generated content to boost their brand on Instagram. They make their audience feel good by featuring their own brand-related content from time to time, increasing their social reach and engagement.

Social media marketing may be a little tricky but, with the right help, you’ll surely get the hang of it in no time. That’s why here at Adllins Media, we also offer brand strategy consulting to help you expand your brand’s growth online. Call us today at 07 4049 2866 to know more about our services or shoot us a message here.



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January 2019